Dabrowski’s children


Dabrowski’s children

Dabrowski’s theory on the social and emotional lives of gifted and talented children.

Gifted and talented children can experience what Dabrowski described as ‘overexcitabilities and vulnerabilities’ – intense emotions, feelings and sensitivities that require support beyond what is ‘normal’ in parenting, counseling and teaching. Acknowledging that gifted and talented children may experience ‘being’ in an intensity that renders them vulnerable is the first step in supporting the development of mentally healthy and productive individuals.

This is a video for parents and educators – and individuals who may not even realize that their ‘overexcitabilities’ are driving their mental and physical states of being.

Music and vocals by Anouk Ely
Music produced by Ben Ely
Compiled by Mariko Francis
Images supported by the Flickr CC community


källa: www.vimeo.com